To Clarify rumors

To Clarify Rumors


'There is no longer a king nor emperor'. Truth is France has many kings, princes and dukes ruling vassels and kingdoms of France. Belgium still has a Hapsbourg king and the Holy Roman emperor is still Hapsbourg. Pretending emperor today is Charles Napoleon [Bonaparte] and the King of France is Henri II de Bourbon d'Orleans with his cousin ruling Spain.


'The U.S. rudely marched under

Napoleon's Grand Arc de Triomphe after WW II V-Day' is bad gossip. The truth is that the french army organized all U.N. armies to march under the arc in alphabetical order.



Cajuns and creoles are not the same. Spain first used name of creole to refer to upper white class of Latin American aristocrats who were of mix-European blood. After Colombian and Mexican revolts it came to mean mix of European-Indian-black and best identifies haitians and Bresilians.


There is a biased tradition allowing frenchmen to marry spanish women, it is not the otherway around however, no one may marry a frenchwoman not even spaniards because the frank and gothic blood of spanish is presumed to be mixed arab. Concerning Mexicans, they are mixed with the natives and are called mestizos.


Mansura, Louisiana is named for the egyptian town where St. Louis caught the African plague and died.  It was not islamists who named this Louisiana town.


The claim for Nouvelle France is for all the Americas that are the New World because when spanish king Carlos V became emperor he moved his throne to Aix-la-Chapelle at east frankish West Germany, made all his administration in french and put all spanish possessions under France as Nouvelle France. Since Charlemagne frank kings from France have a overrule of Spain.


​At Lafayette french is spoken somewhat properly but the strange language of Pont Breaux often called 'the breaux' is a strange mix of English, Italian and Yiddish without much French at all. Examples of their words are "vos", "pésc", "frésc" and "fa-atras" with phrases as "parle yeah", "un p'tit blah", "c'est quoi ti vu ma scha" and "c'est fré". They even have their own obscene language.


The Houma indians are fakes, they are really black people.


New Orleans Mardi Gras are not celebrated properly, the true Mardi Gras is a Catholic holiday for the Crucifixion and is celebrated as a family picnic.


The recipe jambalaya is really french fricassée.


Cajun is not a mix, not part irish nor jew nor black, cajuns are only french from 23 families exiled by the british for not pledging allegiance to George of England during the 'french and indian' war.


The cajun mockery of coonasses was nothing to do with degrading black people, it is for the racoon hats worn by french fur traders and because it sounds similar to the Frank war cry 'conasse'.


Cajuns are split on the issue of being confederate or not because the confederacy took Louisiana by war and never really existed long as a government. Most prefer the United States.


Cajuns are not revolutionaries except for the families of Lafayette-LaGrange-Perrot-Ségur-LaGrand. The entire history of cajuns is loyalty to France and the Bourbon kings in-face of the british enemy. This was the motivation for the American war for independance from the British.


The Louisiana towns of Henderson, Patterson and Slidell were not named by the British, the names are for U.S. agents who operated in the area; Slidell was a negotiator during the U.S.-Mexican war, Henderson was a U.S. colonel for a Tennessee regiment and Patterson is for 2 commanding U.S. officers during the War of 1812.


Only Catholics of France were allowed to settle Nouvelle France, the protestant Huguenots were forbidden so there are no cajun hugeunots!  Who uses this identity are imposters!


Tomato, potato and mais are Native American words from the Aztecs and Mayans of Central-America so are not English nor Latin.


Most records including the Catholic Encyclopedia have that no native savages lived in the area of Louisiana, that only the Comanche’s brought hunting parties. Baton Rouge is said to be named for the bloody sticks which the Indians set-up to hold their killed game or for the redness of the wood used for the palisade around the french fort that was once there.


Many try to lie that the word 'land' is only British but it is actually ancient Latin and many of the place names of Europe such as Holland and Saland were given during ancient Rome. At France is a small country spelled both Landes and Landres, the royalty have control over the 'r' being used.


Because of protestant terrorists imposing royal names the Toulousian title for Albi is not used neither for the Spanish, Italian and Greek titles of similar name. The families Albo, Arquette, Furtado, Fonseca, Aguillara/Aguillard, Moreno, Longoria, Carbagh and Metcalfe are a mix

of Spanish-Dutch-English-Jew who fought circa 1500s in the Wars of Religions and are spoken of today as enemies of Catholics.


French are Roman Catholic by law, there are no such 'French protestants’.


The ancient origins of Franks is Italian not German, Norse nor English! Read Francum Historeum by St. Gregoire to clarify this frequent lie.


French Canada never was attacked by the U.S., it was rather the British at Canada who were attacked by combined U.S. and French forces.


The U.S. Marine Corps did not fight the pirate Laffite for long because he joined the U.S. forces under the command of general Polk so to war the British. It was the first mission of the marines to stop Laffite.





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