What is Cajunbulletin.com?

This website is to find who wants to work together to make a better Cajun organization than what has already been made before.  One with better correspondence to France, Canada and the territories, with better help for family genealogy research and with a civil-rights advocacy group.


If you are interested in keeping this idea and want to keep in-touch then please leave a message and email your ideas at the bottom of this page.



Cette website est pour trouvé quel voulez travaille ensemble pour conçue une organisé cajen meilleur qu'a deja mis pour nous avec meilleur corréspondance à France, Canada et les térritoires et aussi meilleur aide pour la récherche de votre familles géneologie et qu'avoir groupement d'avocacie pour notre droits-civile.


Ainsi vous-étre interessé avec cette idée et voulez maintenir corréspondance laissé votre message s'il vous plait et envoye e-mails de votre idées.

I am Ben William Meaux, a Cajun from Louisiana who has been raised to work on Cajun community organizations.  I also have lived a few years on my own back at France.

I believe I can do far better than what has already been done. Regretfully, I am occupied for now so I cannot do any big projects, but for the future, I want friends for when I am ready. We can talk of our ideas for now.

Je suis Ben William Meaux, cajen du la Louisiane quel es aggrandir á travail en organizées de communauté cajen.  J'eu aussi habiter quelque année independant au France.

Je croix je peux fais tres meilleur plutôt qu'a déja faire.  Désolez je suis occuper pour maintenant donc je ne pouvez fais gros projets mais pour l'avenir je veux collegues pour quand je suis prêt.  Nous peut parle notre idées pour maintenant.

What issues a Cajun organization must have a concern for...

  • Participating Legislative debates
  • Managing situations with the press
  • Stopping impersonators of our French identity and copyright-trademark infringement
  • Stopping conspiracies and discrimination of any french at U.S.A.
  • Stopping any blockage from U.S. courts contre our usage of our own Frank and Catholic laws for our own families contre sluttiness, treasons, sodomy, prostitution, narcotics, espionage contre France, apostasy and concerning inheritances.
  • Stopping attacks on our families
  • Management of crossbreeds so that they do not choose dangerous alternative lifestyles nor take sides with others
  • Stopping stalking and espionage
  • Afronting and stopping social hostilities from other people and their organizations
  • Monitoring and stopping violations of U.S. constitutional rights
  • Contre-sueing wrongful convictions
  • Self-defense issues
  • Investigating and suing for malpractice
  • Stopping police brutality and prison abuse
  • Intermediating problems with duties, customs agencies and other tourist issues
  • Investigating over-appraising of land (big problem in Louisiana)
  • Lifting embargoes to french countries
  • Stopping any blockage of communication between us at Louisiana and France, Canada and the territories
  • Helping poor and sick french-americans
  • Keeping security for family research
  • Organizing and registering french-american family associations
  • Relaying messages from french royalty to french-americans
  • Diffusing french media and educational resources to french-americans
  • Making french-american university tuition scholarships







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