facts of louisiana

Facts of Louisiana


La Louisiane was named by Roi-des-Francs Henri IV de Bourbonneaux for his ancestor St. Louis.


The sieur de LaSalle was first to sail entire Mississippi river, he left the name the natives called it. He was killed by his crew when he got them lost off the coast of Palacios Texas.


Nobleman d'Ibrevilliers was charge d'affairs for Louisiane, Haiti and St. Domingue/Hispanola, Martinique and the Antilles.


Louis XIV hired a British finance minister named John Law who with dutch minister Colbert made a scandal of French colonies by filling them with slaves, prisoners, whores, orphans and women discharged from Paris general hospital. The program was shut-down after the scandal was revealed and since war developed against protestantal Netherland and Orange.


War against the British caused the exile of us french-canadians from Ft. Louisbourg and Port Royale using name of Accadiens. Twenty-three families of approximately 9,000 were forced abord 9 ships after our homes were seiged and burned for not pledging allegiance to english king George. Many of us arrived to la Louisiane and made our name 'cajen'.


Accadiens known as courreur-des-bois were militiamen for the French army and worked the Bourbon kings shipping company titled Companie de la Nouvelle France. After the Louisiana Purchase with outbreak of the War of 1812 courreur-des-bois joined the french gendarmerie and U.S. army so to war the British enemy at the Battle of New Orleans.


The possession of the Louisiana territory went from Bourbon France to Bourbon Spain to Napolean to colonial U.S.A. to Confederacy and back to U.S.A. It was during the Spanish rule under Texas vice-roy Bernardo de Galvez segundo that la Lousiane became Louisiana. The residence of de Galvez is still at isla-Galvez, today named Galveston island. New Orleans still has the Cabildo government building with Inquisition dungeon built by the spanish. The official language remained French during the Spanish rule.


U.S. senater Jimmy Domenjeaux made U.S. Act 707 titled CODOFIL demanding french language lessons become the required curriculum in U.S. schools.


Louisiana law and other states laws are published by Thomas Westlaw.  Also to  research the U.S. Law are the publishers Blackham and Blackstone.


The Cajun raccoon caps are called the queu-de-pie. The beanie caps

also known as liberty caps are called toques. The 3 corner Paul Revere style hat is called a tri-corne. Revolutionists stuck tri-color plumes in their hats and called them cockades.


The French hunters-trappers-militiamen known as courreur-des-bois wore racoon hats, while at war the British called them 'coonasses' which sounds similar to the frank war-cry 'conasse' and-so the name is still today used by cajuns to describe themselves.


A hollowed birch canoe is called a pirogue/piroque.


A large 10-man canoe that carries up to 4 tons is called a canôt.


The voyageurs were French taxi men who transported fur traders by canoe. A full-paid Accadien voyageur was called a pork-eater.


Accadiens practiced polygamy, at a young age they took Indian squaws for wives, had children and moved into the interior of North America.  After the children had grown they abandoned that Indian family and returned to Quebec where they remarried and had a French family so to continue their bloodline.


The original name for New York City was Toronto with Ft. Ticonderoga.


The Louisiana town of Arnaudville was founded by one of 3 brothers Arnaud who had left the savignard town of Jaussiers near Mont Blanc circa 1820 so to start a silk company at Mexico that used indian slave labor. One brother could not tolerate the heat so moved to Louisiana. The Arnaud family are jews liberated by the Revolution and are related to Arnold, Albert, Roberts and Rogers.


Brousseilleaux families are approximately 250 families made by the king in a.d.778 from the family Brousseaux who originate from the northern italian town of Brescia. Brousseilleaux names include Broussard, Brossard, Breaux, Braud, Brault, LeBreult, de Broglie, Bronte, Brodi, Brasseur, Brouchard, Brouillette, Brossier, Bruno etc.


The Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa have a native savage blond people who were first captured by the Normans and later placed under rule of Spain. Their names include Rodrigue and Dominge.  Many immigrated from the Canary Island to early Louisiana.



The blonde Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is really a part black creole woman.


​The original name of Maurice was St. Maure who is not the same saint as St. Thomas Moore. St. Martinville was originaly St. Martin and all the area of Lafayette-Vermilleville was called Grand Pre.


The only difference of Coteaux from Grand Coteaux is a trip down the road because they are the same town.


Ville de Broussard is area known as Côtes-Géleé.


The town of Mamou is named for a wooly mammoth skeleton that was pulled form its tarpits.


Many of the strange names as Bogalusa, Opelousa and Chatanooga were given by explorers making-up funny names and pagan names they aren't all indian names.


The big Airbus transport planes named Chinooks that are used by U.N. armies are named for a wind that blows through central Canada into northern U.S.


The name Accadien has 2 possible origins.  Some say it is a canadian native name for polluck fish and some say it is taken from the name of Arkadia.  There are 2 ancient Arkadias, one is the biblical town near babylon and the other is a stretch of land just south of Corinthe.






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