facts of franco-america

Facts of Franco-America


Frank count de Broglie of the Continental Army appointed the marquis de La Fayette and former brittish general George Washington to brigadier-generals. Funds for the American Revolution came from France, Spain and Lafayette's own fortune of a hundred-million livres.  Livres were currency equivalent in value to todays U.S. dollar.


Lafayette fought so to avenge his father's death by brittish major Percy's canon fire during the Franco-Prussian wars. Many say name America is truly for Lafayette's mother's homeland of Amorique, also known as Cote d'Armour or Amorica which is the northwest coast of France along the providence of Bretagne and Côtiden peninsula. It is obvious that the U.S.A. flag is made from the breton flag of same red-white-blue resemblance except with fleur-de-lis

rather stars.







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French army engineer Jean-Pierre l'Enfant designed and built the federal city of Washington D.C. known as the mall. The brittish once burned down the mall and so it was rebuilt by U.S. engineers using whiter marble.


One of Napoleon's brothers married a bostonian woman and had a son.The marriage was annulled but the son however kept the Bonaparte name and had a son of his own named Sebastian-Joseph Bonaparte who started as a lawyer, became head of the U.S. department of Navy then U.S. Attorney General and he helped start the FBI. There is no longer the American branch of Napoleon Bonapartes, Sebastian-Joseph was the last.


The marquis de La Fayette was given the La Grange Township for his work in the American Revolution. There are approximately 137 towns and cities named Lafayette, Fayetteville, LaGrange, Grange, Granger, Grangier and LaGrand. Also included in this township charter is Tallahassee, Florida marking the ancient french-spanish frontier and several other french townships of the U.S.A.


The U.S. Marine Corps, french and spanish Foreign Legions and french Gendarmerie Forces, called rapid-reaction forces, make the United Nations guard and are first to combat for all U.N. conflicts.


During the Crimean War french general Minié invented the conical bullet and the drilling, grooving and blueing of rifle barrels.


The ancient French allies have long been Spain (except during the triple and quadruple etente), Poland, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Aegea and Scotland because of relativity by tribal blood. Because of Napoléon Sweden is a loyal ally. There is however a split between African allies because Napoléon formed the Zouaves regiment for Turqs and north African Megrebs who fought the Bourbon kings' black Zulu regiment named the Bourbon Company. The Zulus killed one of the Napoléon princes so the despise between these 2 factions is deep. The U.S. is also a contracted ally as-well as Canada and Brazil because France helped create these nations. Since the world wars the English have become new allies and they bring Australia, New Zealand, India and Hong Kong. The United Nations still brings more allies who are Russia, China and Japan. Other allies to mention are Argentina and Venezuela who participate in the French Foreign Legion to which they make the majority.


Every time the U.S. army operates in the Mediterranean Sea a commanding general has to sign-on to the foreign legion. General Swartzkoff signed to first-class legionnaire for Operations Desert Shield.


France has the largest nuclear arms program for the world with 7-8 companies that make atomic bombs and all the equipment and software to house, launch and maintain them.


The internet and ethernet were invented at Switzerland for the french nuclear research program.


The Louisiana Purchase is considered the largest business deal in the history of humanity.


When black slaves were freed from Mississippi slave-plantations the multi-billion dollar mississippian cotton industry crashed. The world, for all-time, has always received its cotton from Egypt. Only Bresil has another immense cotton industry, they also had slave rebellions.


French company DuPont de Nemours was the chief economic factor for the Union during the U.S. Civil War.


Renault SA France is the worlds largest car manufacturer although the cars are very little and not sold in the U.S. They are a royal owned corporation.


French corporation Airbus is the world’s largest aviation manufacturer and is branched around the world with factories at Tennessee and Russia, all to make different parts that are given final assembly at France.


The royal Bourbon houses of France and Spain married the imperial house of Japan. After buying out GM they merged with the Japanese car companies Mishubitsu (Mitsubishi), Net Zero fighter-jet, Jeep, Datson-Dawoo, Nissan-Toyota and they created Lexus and Saturn. This is also how japaneese have Phillips-Magnavox named for our kings named Phillip such as Phillip/Félipé of Spain, Phillip LeBel and Alexander's father Phillip of Macedon.


Pittsburgh was originally Ft. Duquense, the university still carries

this French name.


At onetime the richest man of the U.S.A. was Stephen Girard, a man who

was very proud of his French heritage, who bought Bank of the United States and renamed it Bank of Stephen Girard. His will left all his fortune to the city of Philadelphia on condition that they build a large orphanage for both white and black orphans alike and that the city make French-like building ordnances to forbid timber facades. The ordnances still prevail today, there are no wooden buildings at downtown Philadelphia.


The first wristwatch was invented by Girard-et-Peregeux.


At the battle of Waterloo, Napoléon 1er and several kings and generals wore Bréguet watches.

The first mission of the U.S. Marine Corps was to stop the operations of french pirate Jean Lafitte who was from the island of St. Martin and headquartered out of Louisiana. He had abducted over a hundred ships from the brittish, spanish, dutch and U.S. that he left de-masted off the west coast of Africa. His office was blasted with canonfire.


The United Nations (U.N.) was made by Napoleon III when the brittish allied to France to fight the Crimean War after a brittish navy patrol boat was blasted to smithereens by the Russian navy. This war allowed chance for greks and italians to fight for independence from communism.





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