facts of canada

Facts of Canada


Explorer Jacques Cartier first recorded name of Canada when his Algonquin guide waved his hand at a mountain and said 'kanatta'.



During the French and Indian War France was allied to Algonquins, Micmac and Hurons. The brittish allied to the small, troubling Iroquois tribes of Seneca and Mohawk. British General Wolffe died in his suicide march because his girlfriend had broke-up with him, at the same time French general the marquis de Montcalme was killed by crossfire. Montcalme's jealouse lieutenant Vaudrille took over and declared a surrender before learning France had already won on the battlefield and the British general had died!


A french fur trader named Chouart-des-Grosselliers was unable to find french financers so committed treason by going to the brittish so to fund his Hudson Bay Company that claimed Upper Canada for the brittish.


Rebellions and the Hudson Bay Company split Upper and Lower Canada. British riots led by rebel British firechief Perry set fire to Canada's first Parlement and killed 40 French.


Quebec did not sign the Canadian constitution so is its own independant nation.


At Quebec only French language is allowed and by law all business signs and business forms must be in french only, no other language! At Montreal a line in the main road divides anglophones (English-speakers) apart from francophones (French-speakers).


The Bay of Fundy was originally Bay of Passamaquoddy.


Several Indian tribe names are still spelled in French such as Sioux, Comanche and Apache. Because some tribes had no name for themselves french missionaries called them by their markings, so mâin-piqué is for tattooed hand, fônt-piqué for tattooed brow, lângue-piqué for tattooed tongue, lêve-piqué is tattooed lip and lânque-piercé is pierced tongue. The Néz-Piercé tribe means pierced nosed, they made the 'Trail of Tears' to flee the U.S. Army who were forcing them onto a reservation. Their destination was to free French Lower Canada.


French-American Mario LeMieux was the first professional sports athlete to purchase his own sports franchise that he had played for, the Pittsburgh Penguins.


The original name for Pittsburgh was Ft. Duquense, the university still carries it's French name.


British neglected their Amazonian claims Guyana and Suriname so France seized them.


The Eurospace-launch is at French Guienne just near Brazil and the Amazon river mouth.





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