Facts of Frank and Catholic Laws


Frank constitution Lex Salica demands execution to franks for only 3 reasons listed in this order:

1) forbidden marriage

2) rape

3) irrational killing












Under Lex Salica Article XX there are charges with fines for franks who touch frank women to certain degrees.  The charge called chamin is for touching a finger, a hand, below elbow, above elbow or poitrine. Non-franks receive castration, slavery, prison and execution.


Catholic laws of laisse-majeste give disgraces. A slut is a disgrace. Any women intimate with a foreigner are to be hung for high treason.


Catholic charges of inner-alias are for invocation of anything to the body, be it a spoken lesson or a touch of any kind "on" or "in" a person.


Apostacy is the charge for who abandons faith and so is to be executed. France and many other nations are still Roman Catholic by law. The foreign legion codes d'honore however have a code: 'chaque legionnaire est ton frere d'armes n'est quelque soit sa race, sa nationalite ou sa religione.'


Greco-roman law Lex Vacona forbids inheritance, legacies and succession of titles to any women before male heirs.


The charge of procurement is for any who seeks a person, being woman, man or child for sex, marriage, to breed, do drugs (stupifeants), for prostitution or for slavery.


Misgenation is the charge for assimilating and hybriding. The U.S. equal protection Act threatens use of U.S. force if this law shall be used.


Sodomy laws are still effectuated. Still today any doctor at France who does not turn-in faggots receives a fine and looses his license to practice.


Divorces are illegal at France and any who remarry are to receive adultery charges.  The divorces you maybe have seen publicized are publicity-stunts by revolutionary royalty and jewish socialists of the communist and populist parties.


When moving to France to rent or buy property and to be employed you must obtain a permit called carte-de-sejour. Your regular i.d. card is a carte-bleu.


France has old draconian laws still used today. When someone is found allowing prostitution on his property he is arrested and both his private property and commercial properties are sieged, meaning both his home and business are taken by police.  The name draconian is because they were made by ancient emperor Draco and has nothing to do with the monster story of count Dracula.


French courts are tribunals with magistrate-judges, general-prosecutors and district attorneys. There is no witness system used nor jury, this was done away with during the advent of Christianity. You have choice of a royal maitre or a liberal private lawyer for your counsel at court.


Because of socialism you can hire anyone listed on the bar association and they can sign for commission for their pay. Before the Revolution there were no criminal courts, all disputed crimes were resolved at civil courts.


The first murder laws appeared after WWI because the U.N. stopped dueling. The Thomson Westlaw books state that the first Louisiana murder laws were made in 1957.


French law states that french law is to be biased for the benefit of french. Read Jean-Jacques Rousseaux' du Contrat Sociale.


The french laws for common civilians is compiled in 3 books for civil, penal and municipale.


Grek law 'ab sexe imbicilis' decrees all women imbiciles incapable of government work because of past problems caused by women in government.


France still abides by the greco-roman law known as Pandects first written by Pythagoras and revised by Solon as well as the Pact-Roman made by Augusto César.  The french government is a bi-cameral legislature comprised of the revolutionary Assemblée Nationale who are the chambre de deputes housed at Palais Bourbon and the half that is the senat is the royal parlement housed at Jardins du Luxembourg.


Royalty are constituted as 'above the law' and can also grant immunities and amnesties to others such as subjects. There are several new royal vassels forming a vice-shape within France, all tourists are told forbearances not to photo or video these vassels, not even while flying over such as the king's vassels of Clermont-Ferrand and the vassel of Toulouse.


U.S. liberal laws are droits-ecrits from french droits d"Aquitaine.  If a word can be defined it can be made a law by droits-ecrits.


Declaration des Droits de l'Homme written by Lafayette coincide with the U.S. Declaration of Independence.


To discourage stripping a unique law exists so to arrest whoever owns a strippers pole.


By the constitution of Lex Salica frenchwomen are not allowed to inherit property.

Land that can be owned by anyone is Alluvial Land; however land that can only be owned by a Frank male lineage is Terra-Salica.


By laws of devolution the empire who first names a land keeps that land and the names are not to be removed nor changed.


The U.S. and english governments are chartered on the Magna Carte which is 75 articles first made to force the defeated english king John to submit to the authority of the victorious anglo-norman barons of France after bataille de Bouvins circa 1100 a.d. The first book in english, Canterbury Tails by Jeoffrey Chausser who also wrote L'Meurte d'Arthur describes the cowardice of the english king who fled battle.


The Kellog-Briand Pact of Aristide Briand ensures the french-american allegance to never attack each other.


Canadians with a Nexus card are permitted to freely pass the U.S.-canadian frontier back-and-forth as they please so to go to work here in the U.S.


French are Roman Catholic by law.  The tribe of western Occidental-Franks are the Salians, Belgians and Soissons of catholic emperor Constantine's army and so the name of France and significance of church are all correlated together.  To not be Catholic is to not be french.  Aryans were forced to the eastern tribe of Riparians who intermarried the Saxons, later Charlemagne defeated them all.


The revolutionary Jacobine Society created the Church of Scientology and several freemason and protestantal organizations that are the Scottish Rights of York, Society of St. Cincinattus and the infamous Skull-and-Bones, Scroll-and-Key, Cloak-and-Dagger secret societies whom U.S. President George Walker Bush belongs to; they worship owls.  The American, Colombian, French, Mexican and Texas revolutions were all their conspiracies and perhaps also the Russian, Chineese, Turk, Viet and Egyptian revolutions as well.  The Illumiati are their earlier made society that conspires against the Vatican. These secret societies run France, U.S., Mexico and Coumbia.


In the 14th century, Pope Clement V fled his enemies at Italy and reestablished his throne at Auvergne France, this lineage lasted 7 generations. After returning to the Vatican, the Palais-des-Papes at Auvergne became filled with penetant sects that put-up their own false 'anti-gone popes'.


The Protestants were condemned by the Counsil de Trente, Counsil de

Nice and Edicts de Meaux.


Every time a protestant made a assassination of a king, prince or

duke the authorities randomly pulled 135 of them out of their homes at Paris and Rome then executed them in the street by quartering which is a method of tying 4 horses to each limb so to pull the protestant apart as a executioner hacked away at them with a clever.


The Protestants were executed by the millions. Large cities as

Paris, Toulouse and Bruxelles executed nearly 10,000 Protestants a month and smaller towns as Nice, Montepellier, Tours and LeHavre executed approximately 1,000 a month. More were killed on the battlefield.


The protestants of France called Huguenot followed the lessons of

reformer Jean Calvin who stressed the biblical verse from Revelations 7:1-8, that only 144,000 will go to heaven.


The name 'Huguenot' is the same word for the Jewish 'juggernaut' warrior, the 'j' wasn't pronounced by the Spanish moors called morenos and ladinos who were helped by the prince d'Orange and Dutch prince of Belmont.


Protestantism is still illegal at France today and the Huguenot is known to be long extinct.


Not all Franks can marry each other, for example the Flemish are

treacherous montfortists and the Armignacs massacred the gothic Bourgoneons  so cruely that they are not to be together.




Facts of the Courts


Cours de Cassation is highest court for France, thenafter are the supreme courts of Rome.


French criminal courts are the Cours d'Assizes. Before Revolution there were no criminal courts, rather disputes were resolved at civil courts so to reimburse victims with money.


Today at France, murder recieves 10 years prison, pimping is 8 years, car theft and burglary 5 or 7 years, prostitution 2 years for first offense and 1 year for stupifeants/narcotics such as 'hash', heroine or 'yayo' cocaine. There are no 'minimum-maximum sentences', all is 'flat-time'. They rationalize by their studies that prolong incarceration over 10 years causes insanity.


Sodomites are held perpetualy infinitely at a prison or mental assylum unless they can prove to have another accomodation out of France.


Cosmetic surgeries are ilegal unless for reconstructive surgery for victims of mutilation.


Prison sentencing is decided first by a prosecuter at their court thenafter a magistrate judge decides verdict at their court where the district attorney presides from a pulpit next to the judges bench.


Any attorney can be hired on commission. A private criminal defense lawyer costs about 700 euros.


Codes de Chevalerie were made during the crusades while facing islamists, jews, mongols and vikings who demanded visitors to have sex with their wives or else they would be offended and would kill the visitor. These bias codes excuse Frenchmen for being flagrant with foreign women so long as they are manly about it. These codes are not laws, adultery and prostitution charges may still be pressed on Frenchmen.


Ile-de-Reunion and Ile-de-Maurice are islands south of Madagascar where french colonists were given permanent exiles and then heavily bombarded because they were caught having sex with the blacks of those islands.


Tarot cards and the zodiac are illegal at France.




Facts of Slavery


All sicilians and celtics are cerfs, meaning they are not civilians, rather they are peasant-slaves without rights still today. You see them in the army without insigns their rank stays only in the first and second class, they are also at prison, the lieutenants will advise you of them. There are still other slaves; anyone foreign can be forbidden rights.






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